April 7, 2008

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The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl

The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl is an inspirational true story as told by her daughter about a woman’s spiritual journey to the other side.  Mattie Pearl gives vivid details about what she sees and hears before she crosses over.  Her journey opens the door to those who have always believed that there is something more.  It is a story of love, hope and encouragement for all of us who will eventually move on beyond this physical life.

The Author and Producer of The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl, Andrea Garrison upon reflecting on her mom’s story said, “When the doctor told us that there was nothing that they could do for mom it was a very surreal moment.  It was unbelievable but at the same time we knew that we had to do whatever it was that we could do to make things comfortable for her during her last days on this physical earth.  While it was challenging for us to do home hospice care it was also moving and one of the best things we could have ever done for mom.  In giving to mom and helping her to transition and to continue her journey to the other side we received so much love, hope and encouragement from her.  She actually confirmed for me that there is indeed something more than life as we know it on this physical earth.  I hope this story will help others to not be afraid of the journey that awaits us all.  I wanted to make the story available in as many formats as possible so that a person could choose the way they would like to experience it.  And so for those who like to read we produced a book.  The listeners can experience it on CD.  While we were at it we thought it would be good to produce a DVD as well.  The DVD has two versions one without subtitles and one with subtitles for those who are hearing impaired or for those who enjoy reading along.  I personally do the narration on the CD and DVD.  There are benefits to experiencing the story in all formats.  Each medium offers a different component and adds another dimension to the story. The thing that is so wonderful about everything is that when I started to work on this project I had no idea as to how I would be able to produce it and release it globally without having a major deal in hand. 

When I learned about Create Space which is an company it was like a dream come true to find a company that could produce my project in every format without worrying about inventory and finding a distribution outlet.  Create Space and Amazon had everything all in one place, the ability to reproduce it and distribute on demand. 

Any one in the world interested in purchasing The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl can obtain it from Amazon and Create Space.  The thing that is so great is that the Space model is perfect for the independent, entrepreneurial person who does not have a major book or movie deal.   They have simplified and streamlined a process that typically can be more complicated and I am grateful for that.  Some how they have mastered the art of creating a self service environment in the virtual world while being very helpful, thorough and personable with the member user dashboard where you can ask questions and receive responses in a timely manner.  This is truly the way to publish books, produce audio and video projects.  I suspect that the trend will continue in this direction because it helps to eliminate wasted resources because only what is needed/requested is produced.  It is somewhat unusual for a book to be released in so many formats.  Since this was shot in High Definition (HD) we look forward to releasing it on Blu-ray Disc on demand as well when it becomes available.  Now that my project is completed in all three formats (Book, CD and DVD) I am so thankful for Amazon’s Create Space because now I am able to share my mom’s special story around the world without worrying about the expense of inventory and distribution.   My initial reaction after getting through the process quite honestly was just wow, how cool is that!!!!” 

The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl, the Book, the CD and the DVD are now available on demand at the and websites.

The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl is produced by Andrea’s Greetings and Greetheart Productions.  © All rights reserved.

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