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Dear Visitor,

We hope that you will continue to enjoy sending Andrea's free e-greetings to your family, friends and business associates.
If you are a busy person, company or an organization that would like to send out customized greetings on the Internet we are prepared to perform that service for you.

Andrea's Greetings now offers customized preparation for those who want to send out high quality personalized e-greetings on the Internet. If it is a birthday list for an entire year, an announcement, invitation, special sales promotion, a message to your stockholders, holiday greetings, thank you notes or a special reminder to your customers we are here to help you develop and to send out high quality greetings with a special touch. Our fees are small compared to the time and energy you will save and the benefits you will gain every time someone important to you receives a thoughtful greeting and/or a warm reminder. 

For a limited time we are offering a special pricing of $3.00 per greeting for orders from
1-100 using pictures from our gallery. 
There is a $25 set-up fee for each text message/picture selected.  Take advantage
of this special offer today!!!!

                      ~~ Andrea ~~

E-Greetings On-Order Standard Introductory Pricing For Still Video/Special Phrases:

   1  -   25  e-greetings  $5.00 each
  26 -  100 e-greetings  $4.00 each
 101 - 500 e-greetings  $3.00 each
 501 - 999 e-greetings  $2.00 each
1000 e-greetings  $1.00 each

***For orders larger than 1000 contact us for special pricing at:


***Please note that additional set-up and design fees will apply for multimedia e-greetings including animation, audio greetings, video greetings, special customized requests requiring the use of Anfy, Flash, PowerPoint and any other elaborate software programs. The above pricing does not include music.  Client (sender) can submit a pre-produced music selection in the midi format.  However the client is responsible for securing any legal clearances to use the music for the purpose of sending out e-greetings and multi-media greetings.  We can develop original music with the pricing starting at $50.   If your request requires on-location shooting the appropriate fees including travel expenses will apply.  Special requests may require more time than the alloted 21 days to develop the greetings and to process the order.  If you have any other special requests please email us for the pricing at

***Please note that the material will be edited/modified to present your information/message in the best possible manner.  We reserve the right to refuse to send out any material that we deem to be inappropriate.  Client (sender) will be provided with a viewing of the completed e-greeting.  Additional charges may apply for any last minute changes or revisions to content. Client (sender) is fully responsible for securing any legal clearances/permission for the use of references, graphics, messages, photo's, music, slogans, etc. We are not responsible for the reaction of the recipient(s) to any of the content provided by the client (sender). If there are any questions/issues regarding the content/material (as noted above) provided by the client (sender) that individual and/or entity (raising the question or issue) will be referred to you the client (sender) who is considered to be the originator/supplier of the material.

***Customer is responsible for providing us with accurate information including correct spelling and email addresses.

***We will accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Traveler's checks, checks and money orders drawn on U.S. currency.  You can also make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!   Please allow 3 weeks for clearing and processing of checks.  There will be a $75 charge for any returned checks.

***Please allow at least 21 days for processing your order.  Special Orders will require more time.

***Rush or last minute orders add a $100 extra processing fee.  During holiday seasons add an additional $200 extra processing fee for rush or last minute orders.

***For U.S. PA residents please add 6% sales tax.

***For Non U.S. - You are responsible for any government applicable, taxes, duties, etc.


Questions?   Email: